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My name is Darryl Knable, and someone wants me dead. I was on the run avoiding the guy that’s trying to kill me. My family’s doing everything they can to protect me. But I’m think I’m getting ahead of myself. So here’s how it all got started.

I was your pretty normal kid with a pretty normal life…for the most part. You see, my parents hadn’t been getting along at the time. My dad had been watching TV pretty much all the time, so much so that he actually had a small TV in the bathroom and he liked to watch it while he was shaving. My mom wanted him to kick the habit but to no avail. My mom worked as a big time executive with a vitamin company, my dad on the other hand worked as a guy selling plumbing supplies. Let me tell it’s what I call a “suck job.” By that I mean “horrible job.”

Anyway, I heard them arguing one night. She said he was going through a midlife crisis of something like that. He said he wasn’t. She said he was jealous of her success. He said he wasn’t. I’ve been hearing this for quite a while. Then one night, everything changed. I was spending the night with my friend, Billy. My sister, Diane and I had planned this so that Mom could be alone with Dad. From what she told me later, it again did not work. She was so fed up that she actually grabbed one of Dad’s fencing trophies and threw it at the TV screen, smashing it in the process.

Later that night, Dad was visited by this guy named Spike who offered him a TV service with a lot of channels you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Dad was slightly hesitant until he was given a free trial. When Mom saw this, she was outraged. She packed her bags and left a note on the fridge. Dad was outside in the backyard adjusting the reception. Mom and Dad got into a little scuffle that resulted in them getting sucked into the satellite. Meanwhile, I was hanging out with my friend, Billy. We were playing basketball until Billy’s parents told us to come in the house. We were then up in his room and played some checkers.

“Hey, Darryl,” Billy spoke, “how is your parents?”

“What do you think, Billy?” I responded. “They were at it again."

"Oh, well, that sucks."

"Yeah, though I hope things get better. I really do not want them to divorce."

"That would be bad."

Just then, a news report came on the TV that said a serial killer named Sweet Tooth had slaughtered hundreds of people in his path and he was heading for Seattle. Not much was known about this guy but he drove an ice cream truck with a huge head on top, so we were warned to stay inside and lock our doors and windows. Billy and I were rather uneasy.

"A killer heading for Seattle?" I panicked. "What are we going to do?!

"Easy, Darryl," Billy reasoned, "The doors and windows are locked, so there is no way that killer is gonna get inside our house."

"I guess you're right, Billy."

An hour later, while Billy and I were sleeping, I heard a loud scream, this woke me up.

"What was that?!" I asked.

"I don't know," Billy said sleepily, "You should check it out."

"You do it," I said.

Billy sighed, "Fine."

He got out of bed and walked down the stairs. I heard him scream. I quickly got up and ran down the stairs. Billy had this horrified look on his face.

"Billy, what's wrong?"


I looked to see Billy's dad lying on the floor, beheaded.

"Oh my, god," I said in shock.

Meanwhile, I could hear Billy's mom yelling, begging not to be killed and then I heard a random voice say "Shut up and bleed, you motherf-!" but it was interrupted by the sound of Billy's mom screaming. Billy panicked.


Billy ran to his mom but he quickly fell because he stepped in a beartrap that wasn't there before. He saw his mom gutted, much to his horror.

"DARRYL! DARRYL, HELP ME!" Billy cried in pain.

I ran over to him and tried to free him from the beartrap, but I was too weak to even get it to budge. Suddenly, I looked up to see Billy with a machete blade wedged right down the top of his head. I screamed in horror as I backed up. I saw a foot shove the blade off of Billy's head, causing him to fall on the ground.

It was at this point I got a good look at the man who did all these murders. He was a bald man. He wore dark brown gloves, dark brown boots, white pants with red polka dots, weird looking suspenders and a white wooden clown mask with red hair on the sides, one eye covered, a red nose and a large smile. The mask looked like the paint was chipping off. To top it off, his head was on fire.

He carried this huge machete that looked like he had built it himself. He was approaching me ready to kill me with it. I backed in horror before I got up and ran. It seemed I outran him then I hid under the bed in Billy's parents' room but the clown caught up with me, grabbed me by my leg and dragged me across the floor. I got up to a sitting position but he grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up.

"Tonight," he said, "is the night I cut you, you little-!"

But I was able to escape by kicking him between the legs, causing him to lose his grip on me, dropping to the ground. This gave me enough time to get out of the house. I ran for it as fast as I could. I didn't have time to grab my bike. I quickly realized that the clown was chasing me behind. You gotta understand, I was all alone in the dead of night, with street lights being the only light, and I had this killer clown trying to murder me.

"Get back here, you runt!" The clown yelled to me.

I made to my house in the backyard. I saw this huge satellite dish that I never saw earlier. Suddenly it started beeping and the dish had this needle that sucked me right into the dish just before the clown could get to me.

I ended up in this black and white city. At least I was away from that clown.
A crossover between Stay Tuned and Twisted Metal.

Part 2: [link]

Stay Tuned (c): Peter Hyams/Morgan Creek Productions/Warner Bros.

Twisted Metal (c): Sony Computer Entertainment
tht95 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
lets hope he douse not bump into Calypso himself
JackassRulez95 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If he did, he would have entered Twisted Metal to wish that he never ran into Sweet Tooth.
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