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September 2, 2012
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It was 1959, a family was watching television in their living room in Seattle. The family consisted of a man, his wife, and their two kids (one 10 year old son and one 16 year old daughter). Suddenly, the door bell rang.

FATHER: I'll get it.

The man answered the door and there was an average sized man wearing a black suit.

???: Good evening, Mr. McKinley. Sorry to disturb you at this hour, but I have a deal for you.

MR. MCKINLEY: Enlighten me.

???: My name is Mr. Spike. I'm here to offer you a new TV service.

MR. MCKINLEY: Well, then. (to Wife) Honey! This man is offering us a new TV service!

MRS. MCKINLEY: Tell him to come in!

MR. MCKINLEY: Please. Come in, Mr. Spike.

SPIKE: Gladly. (Enters house) You see, McKinleys. HVTV is a satellite TV service that has 666 channels that you won't find on ABC, CBS, or NBC.

BROTHER: Gee whiz! 666 channels? We only have three!

SISTER: I know, right? That sounds really swell.

SPIKE: Yes, 666 channels is a lot more than just three channels.

MRS. MCKINLEY: Um, I'm not sure if your offer is right for us, Mr. Spike.

SPIKE: No worries, Mrs. McKinley. This offer comes with a free trial, and no obligation.

MRS. MCKINLEY: Free trial?! Now I'm confident in your offer!

SPIKE: Excellent.

About an hour later, the family were out in their backyard with Spike, as a gigantic satellite dish was placed there.

SPIKE: There. The installation is complete. I hope you four enjoy your new TV system.

As Spike left the house, Mr. McKinley called for him.

MR. MCKINLEY: Mr. Spike!

Spike turns his head.


MR. MCKINLEY: Are you certain that we will like it?

SPIKE: Oh, certainly. Some people would practically give their souls just to get this service. Have a nice evening.

THE MCKINLEYS (together, waving): Good night, Mr. Spike!

SPIKE: Goodbye! (turns his head, walks away, mutters to himself): I'll see you all in hell.

A few hours later, the family was watching the hit TV show on HVTV, You Can't Win, a quiz show.

MRS. MCKINLEY: This really is nice! 666 channels and there's something to watch for everyone!

MR. MCKINLEY (chuckles): You said it, dear.

Mr. and Mrs. McKinley smooched each other on the cheek, when suddenly, the picture on the TV turned to static.

SISTER: Daddy! Something's wrong with the picture!

MR. MCKINLEY: No worries, Deborah. Mr. Spike told us we'll have to adjust the dish to fix the picture.  

BROTHER: Oh, yeah! He DID say that.

The family went outside in the backyard where the dish is, and Mr. McKinley was doing some tinkering with the dish.

MRS. MCKINLEY: I hope you know what you're doing, dear!

MR. MCKINLEY: Don't worry, honey.

Just then, he accidentally caused the dish to activate. This sent the family in a panic.

BROTHER (panicked): Dad, what did you do?!

MR. MCKINLEY: I have no idea, Billy!

The satellite dish pointed a laser beam and fired it at Mr. McKinley, sucking him into the dish.


BILLY, DEBORAH (together): DAD!

George McKinley was gone, but the rest of the family followed him into the dish, but they were never to be seen again.

Fifty-three years later (2012), we now are in present day Seattle, where we stop at 1532 Blue Jay Court, the residence of the Knable family.

Roy and Helen Knable were your run-of the-mill suburban American couple, having two children: 15 year old Diane, and 13 year old Darryl. Except there was one thing that made them different from other couples. Roy was a plumbing equipment salesman, while Helen was a senior product manager for a vitamin company. What's so different about that? When Roy wasn't working, he was watching. To elaborate, when he was home, he just sat on his rump all day watching TV. This bothered Helen and the kids. Helen was getting fed up with Roy's status as a couch potato. She would tell him that he was going through a midlife crisis or accuse him of being jealous of her success. Roy would simply deny it. If you wonder how much they argued, just ask Darryl or Diane and they would probably tell you about it. But all of this was changed one night.

Helen wanted Roy to put down the remote and go away with her to the mountains, no phone, no kids, and no TV. That last one bothered Roy since he practically couldn't live without TV. This infuriated Helen, who took one of Roy's fencing trophies and threw it at the TV, smashing the screen. However, the doorbell rang, and Roy was approached by Spike. Spike was offering a satellite TV service filled with 666 channels not found on ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox. Roy was initially hesitant, but accepted the deal as he was offered a free trial. The deal came with a satellite dish the size of a hot tub. When Helen saw this, it was the last straw. She had packed up her bag and decided to leave Roy. But as she was preparing to leave, she saw Roy adjusting the dish, and decided to attack the dish. Helen then stormed away, arguing with Roy, but then the dish sucked them into the dish, transporting them into a hellish TV world. It was around here we learned that Spike was the Network Executive for Hell Vision, a television network dedicated to providing entertainment for Satan, by sucking TV addicts into the world and killing them in the most gruesome manner possible. However, the deal dictates that if the victim survives HVTV for twenty four hours, they would be set free, but if they die, their soul would go to the Devil.

The kids soon discovered this and did everything they could free their parents. Finally the twenty four hours expired, and Roy was set free. But what about Helen? Well, as it turned out, she was not under contract with Hell Vision, and thus, was considered trespassing. She was taken to a western by Spike and was tied to railroad tracks where she would be run over and blown up with dynamite. Fortunately, Roy came back in and, after a swordfight with Spike, freed Helen before the train could hit them. Since then, Roy only watches 60 Minutes, and runs a fencing school.

Roy was on his way home from his job. He had a bocquet of daisies for Helen in the car. He finally approached the home, exited his car, and walked through the door.

ROY (calling, sing-song): Oh, Helen! Where are you?

HELEN (entering the living room): Roy? Is that you?

ROY: Yes, and I have something for you (shows flowers to Helen).

HELEN: Oh, Roy! They are so beautiful!

ROY: Just like you.

Helen giggled and she and Roy kissed each other on the cheek.

ROY: I wonder what the kids are up to.

HELEN: Hm. To be honest, I'm not sure what they're doing.

Just then, Diane entered the room.

DIANE (looking to notice her father): Oh, hey, Dad. I see you're back from work.

ROY: Hey, uh, Diane. Have you seen your brother?

Just then, some electrical zapping was heard, and the smoke detector was beeping.

DARRYL (coming down the stairs): Oh, great! (coughs) Just what I needed. (coughs) Another short circuit and (sees his family) Oh, hi, Dad. I didn't hear you come in.

ROY: Darryl, what were you doing up in your room?

DARRYL: I was trying to get my transmitter to work and unfortunately, that didn't work out so well.

ROY: Darryl. I'm just asking but why do you do stuff like this?

DARRYL: I-I honestly have no idea, Dad. It's just something I like to do.

HELEN (putting her new flowers in a vase): It's all right, Darryl. It could've been worse.

DARRYL: Yeah, I guess you're right, Mom.

Just then, Darryl started to feel a sharp pain in his stomach.

DARRYL (moaning in pain): Ohohoho!

HELEN: Darryl, is something wrong?

DARRYL: Oh, it's just a-

But Darryl was suddenly getting a feeling of nausea. He quickly ran to the bathroom and was retching violently. The family cringed as they were listening to Darryl's brutal vomiting. Once it was all said and done, Darryl returned downstairs, feeling dehydrated.

DARRYL: That's the last time I'll ever eat chili cheese fries!

Helen went to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge. She returned and handed it to Darryl.

HELEN: Here, honey. Drink this.

Darryl grabbed the water bottle and took a sip out of it. Just then, a news report came up on the TV.

NEWS REPORTER: We interrupt this broadcast for a important news bulletin. The cold case concerning the disappearance of the McKinley family remains unsolved. The family mysteriously disappeared in San Francisco over fifty years ago. Authorities are baffled in how they vanished off the face of the Earth. The family consisted of George, his wife Sharon, and their two children, Deborah and Billy.

DIANE: Dad? Do you think they disappeared like you and Mom did?

ROY: That could be the case, Diane.

Just then a mysterious shadow came into the backyard and assembled something gigantic. When it was finished, the figure had assembled a giant satellite dish.

What did this creature have in store for the Knable family? Stay tuned and find out.
Here we are. The premiere of my newest fanfic, Stay Tuned 2.

Part 2: [link]

Stay Tuned (c): Peter Hyams/Morgan Creek Productions/Warner Bros.
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